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Excel Children's Care is a registered Community Based Organisation that receives no help financially from aid agencies or the government.

Our children live in very basic surroundings in need of nutritional food and medicines.

Please share this website and help in any way that you can.

Feeding all the children costs $20 per day.

The children live on porridge for breakfast, corn meal damper and beans for lunch and a cup of tea for dinner.  They love to eat rice, but it is extremely expensive and unaffordable.  No child should have to live on this diet.

Children desperately need somewhere comfortable to sleep at night.

Currently the children sleep on sheets on the floor. They have no pillows or blankets or even a mattress. 4 children usually sleep next to each other on 1 sheet. Help to bring proper bedding to our orphanage.

Medicine is a necessity we sadly can not afford.

Children must miss school for periods of time due to long illnesses which could be fixed with some basic medicines such as cough medicine, however malaria medicine is strongly required but hard to afford.  Mosquito nets would at least be a defense in contracting malaria.